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After my third pregnancy, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I reached out to Heather who I had been training with since 2014. After 3 weeks of her workout regimen and following her nutrition advice, I saw a significant difference! I only workout 3 days a week with her, its crazy how much of a difference she has made.

Cheri Cicero

Long-Term Client

A before and after image of Cheri, Heather's client, that shows her 7.5 and 25 weeks postpartum with a 17.5 pound weight loss.
Headshot of Shannon O’Keefe, Team USA & PWBA Champion at a bowling alley in front of lane.

I’m so grateful to Heather for helping me find a safe way to workout at home with what I have. I feel stronger now than I ever have years before when I was a crazy person in the gym. Thank you Heather for pushing me, allowing my schedule to be flexible, and for giving me alternate movements while recovering from mild injuries.

Shannon O'Keefe

Team USA & PWBA Champion