Heather in front of a pink and purple graffiti wall with her arms crossed.

About Heather

Hi! I’m Heather, a lifelong learning enthusiast. My love for the world of health and fitness began as an athlete trying to improve my physical abilities to compete at a higher level. My journey has been far from easy as sports and athletics never came naturally to me despite what others may think. It was actually the opposite of that which is what propelled me into becoming a work-horse throughout college becoming a knowledge sponge to become the best I could be. 

During my master’s program at UCM, I interned with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach which really opened my eyes to the realm of training for other sports. I couldn’t understand why bowlers did not train the same way off the lanes and was determined to provide training programs for other bowlers wanting to train like an athlete as well. I started my own business, BowlFit, and from 2014-2020 provide bowlers across the world with structured training programs that follow strength and conditioning training principles to improve functional movement, prevent injuries, and enhance performance. I also worked with high school and middle school athletes of various sports at Next Level Strength and Conditioning in Fairport, NY, before expanding to the collegiate level at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Alfred State, and Brockport College (where I still currently coach).  

While I love training athletes and being I workaholic, I realized many athletes like myself also need to learn how to recover properly from training (and LIFE!) which led to my interest in massage therapy.  I opened my office, Restorative Bodywork LLC, shortly after graduating from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage.  But my curiosity for all things training did not stop there as I made the connection of how important it is to nourish your body with optimal nutrition if you really want to perform well and also feel good.  The led me to where I am today with finishing up my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification and helping clients with nutrition for weight loss, body recomposition, weight/muscle gain, performance, or just to be health in general to enjoy life. 

While training bowlers has been my niche, I really enjoy helping anyone that wants to improve their health.  I am all about debunking myths and giving people the facts and information they need to live a balanced life and not fall into the trap of fad dieting, excessive cardio, restrictive eating patterns, or treating exercise as a punishment.  I am truly passionate about helping people find ways to enjoy foods in moderation and confidence, learn to love lifting weights versus feeling stuck doing random workouts without results or crushing themselves to exhaustion every gym session.  In a world where social media makes us feel we have to look a certain way and is constantly feeding us an overwhelming amount of conflicting information, I like to be the voice of truth and reason for my clients to empower them to find their path towards a healthier way of living and loving life.