Nutrition Coaching

What is the best diet? The one you can adhere to consistently without feeling restricted. Food is fuel for your body but it is also much more than that; it can be the center of family traditions, a trigger for memories, something that excites the senses.

Eating well doesn’t mean you need to eliminate foods and tastes you enjoy! Nutrition needs to be individualized for people based on their lifestyle and schedules, biological differences, and their psycho-social differences. It should be a process that elicits small, realistic and sustainable changes over time with the help of a coach to guide you through the process.

12 Month Nutrition Course: This course is administered with an app called ProCoach. The curriculum is broken down into weekly lessons and practices delivered to you right on your phone via the app! Topics covered include the following:

  • Goal Setting and Behavior Changes
  • Eating Enough Protein- the why, how, and what behind protein intake, vegetarian and plant based options, recipes
  • Carbohydrates- why, how much, and what to eat for carbohydrates
  • Fats- why, how much , and what to eat for fats, understanding the difference in fats such as Omega 3, Omega 6, saturated, unsaturated, and trans fat
  • Hydration
  • Managing Stress and Emotional Eating Habits
  • Mindfulness Habits
  • Willpower
  • Understanding Energy Balance
  • Sleep Habits

My goal as your nutrition coach is to help you with your weight loss, muscle building, or body composition goals through safe evidence based practices.

Coaching includes 1 weekly virtual check-in via zoom to discuss your weekly practices, monitor progress, address challenges and obstacles, and set goals and intentions for the week ahead (30-60 minutes in length)

I aim to help people shift from a diet mentality to a healthy relationship with food and exercise that is free of guilt, food and body shaming, strict rules about food, and extreme calorie restriction.

Cost: $150 per month

*Two month commitment required, after that you can cancel at any time if the program is not a good fit for you.