Train Smarter

Movement ↗

Incorporate more movement to reach your goals: strength training, walking, aerobic training, anaerobic training, yoga, hiking, sports.

Sleep ↗

Train to have consistent sleep and wake cycles to achieve the best routine for your body and training recovery.

Hydration ↗

Practice adequate water intake and understand the affects of stimulants and alcohol consumption on performance or


Everything around us – work, home life, family, relationships, environment, health, age and hormones, competition – is placing stressors on our bodies that we need to manage to return to homeostasis.

Nutrition ↗

How you choose to nourish your body affects your recovery from training, the ability to build lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and thrive from day to day.

Mindset ↗

Ditch the diet mentality and learn to build habits that you do consistently. You will see no changes without this piece o