I’m Heather, and I have been in the industry of health & fitness for the last 13 years.  Being a collegiate bowler led me into the field of Strength & Conditioning Training. I have worked with athletes in middle school, high school, collegiate and professional levels.

Heather in front of a pink and purple graffiti wall with her arms crossed.


Ditch the diet mentality and learn to build habits that you do consistently. You will see no changes without this piece.


Incorporate more movement to reach your goals: strength training, walking, yoga, hiking, etc.


Everything around us is placing stressors on our bodies that we need to manage to return to homeostasis.


Practice adequate water intake and understand the effects of stimulants and alcohol consumption on performance.


Training to have consistent sleep and wake cycles to achieve the best routine for your body and training recovery.


How you choose to nourish your body affects your recovery from training, ability to build lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and thrive from day to day.

I commit to empowering my clients on their path towards a healthier way of living and loving life.

Train Smarter


I've been providing bowlers across the world with structured training programs that imrove functional movement, etc.

Personal Training

Whether you are training for a marathon or looking to structure your training, let's create the perfect plan for you.

Lifestyle Coaching

There will be no elimination of foods you love, rather a created balance to incorporate those foods while also getting results.