Rochester, New York
(585) 880-1135

Heather D'Errico MS CSCS CFSC LMT PPSC Pn1

Strength Training, Nutrition Coaching, Massage Therapy

Meet Heather

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Elements affecting performance & fitness goals


Finding ways to incorporate more movement and activity that you enjoy and can do consistently to reach your goals: strength training, walking, aerobic training, anaerobic training, yoga, hiking, sports.


Consistent sleep and wake cycles, routines, achieving the adequate amount of sleep for your body and training recovery.


Adequate water intake is imperative, but so is understanding the affects of stimulant or alcohol consumption on performance or body composition goals.


Stress factors to consider: work, home life, family, relationships, environment, health, age and hormones, competition.  Everything around us is placing stressors on our bodies that we need to manage to allow us to return to homeostasis.


How you choose to nourish your body affects if your body has adequate nutrients to recover from training, build lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, and thrive from day to day.


The most important element for long term health: developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise and a mindset of growth.  Ditching diet mentality to learning to build habits that you can adhere to consistently. Nothing changes without this piece of the puzzle in place.